About Us

EUROBOND Bonding with the Best.

Known for its high-quality and long lasting panels, Eurobond has been an undisputed leader in manufacturing and supplying Aluminium Composite Panels across the globe. The company under the flagship of Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. has been the trusted partner in providing ACP and innovative metal composite panels to various industry sectors including residential and commercial building for more than a decade.

Based in India for more than 12 years, the company is headquartered in Mumbai. Its factory at Umergaon efficiently caters to a global clientele and ensures fastest deliveries. It has an installed capacity of producing 10,000 sq. meters of ACP every day.


Committed to Quality

We are committed to improve our quality procedures continually, to guarantee that every aluminium composite panel / sheet or aluminium cladding sheet / panel that comes through our manufacturing process is of the highest quality and meets industry standards. We take pride in informing our customers that at Eurobond we have one of the best laboratory set up in India to gauge testing parameters effectively and ensure that we produce quality outputs consistently.

We use Alloy 3003 as part of our manufacturing process. The use of Alloy 3003 ensures high strength and increase in life of the ACP. Also Alloy 3003, provides high impact resistance and easy maintenance.Our quality procedures coupled with skilled engineering practices makes us one of the leader aluminium fabrication and building materials company in India.


Customer Centric Approach

At Eurobond, our business strategies are aligned with the expectations of our customers. Company's production lines are built to provide flexibility to our customers. Our new production facility at Umbergaon is one of the best Aluminum panel sheet plant in India. The modern machinery at plant allows us to use coils thickness from 0.04mm to 1mm and ACP thickness from 1mm to 6mm, allowing us to cater to different demand. Adapting to a customer centric approach, the company has built flexible lines to produce ACP with width from 3feet to 5feet. Also the standard length available with us as ready stock anytime is of 8feet, 10feet and 12feet. For any specific length requests, we are always ready to cater.

Eurobond panels come in wide varieties of color, design, texture and material. This ensures that we are not just improving the quality of the panels but significantly improving the aesthetics and appearance of the structures around us. Our motto is to contribute in improving the standards of the building industry in India and World.



Our vision is to contribute in improving the quality and standards of the building industry. By striving every moment to innovate and develop our product, we want to be recognized as the world leader in the ACP Industry.



Is the reason of our existence, our mission therefore is to be the best Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer. Being the BEST means providing flawless quality, innovation and development, service and value so that we can make every customer confident enough for the product. We aim at better work practices and dedication so that EUROBOND along with its employees and customers can succeed and grow by leaps and bounds.