High Gloss Finish

Grade Total Thickness Front Coil Thickness LDPE Core Thickness Black Coil Thickness Coating Application Area
4MM PLATINIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.50 3.00 0.50 PVDF EXTERIOR
4MM TITANIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.25 3.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM RUBY (3RB) 3mm 0.25 2.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM GOLD (3GL) 3mm 0.18 2.64 0.18 PE INTERIOR
3MM SILVER (3SL) 3mm 0.10 2.80 0.10 PE INTERIOR

High Gloss Finish Aluminium Panel are favorite among designer as the glossy finish gives the interiors a rich look. High Gloss processing makes the surface look smooth and attractive. It is typically used on advertising boards to attract attention as it features highlight processing, is more attractive, waterproof, and durable and has a self-clean property.

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