Sparkle Finish

Grade Total Thickness Front Coil Thickness LDPE Core Thickness Black Coil Thickness Coating Application Area
4MM PLATINIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.50 3.00 0.50 PVDF EXTERIOR
4MM TITANIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.25 3.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM RUBY (3RB) 3mm 0.25 2.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM GOLD (3GL) 3mm 0.18 2.64 0.18 PE INTERIOR
3MM SILVER (3SL) 3mm 0.10 2.80 0.10 PE INTERIOR

Sparkle finish Aluminium panel has a sparkling texture on their surface which adds to the beauty of the place where they are installed. They come in various sparkling colors for the customer to choose from. With a durable finish and surface, Sparkle finish Aluminium panels are favorite among architects and interior designers.

Platinum    Ruby    Titanium    Gold    Silver