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Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

Allow us to present you innovation!

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a sandwich panel with a honeycomb structure as its core, which is inspired by the natural hexagonal honeycomb. This unique structure makes the panel lightweight compared to other materials of the same volume. It also enhances stiffness and stability.

The fact that these panels are completely recyclable and make them environment-friendly. And their fire-retardant properties make them the safer choice. With the best quality-control procedures which involve testing through advanced equipment, we are able to add to the trust that our customers place in us by offering a 15-year warranty on our Honeycomb Panels.

Technical Specification

Side Length of Honeycomb Grid (a) 6mm 7.5mm 20mm
Honeycomb Cell Size (D) 3/8" 1/2" 11/8"
Honeycomb Cell Size (D) 9.5mm 12.7mm 35mm
Honeycomb Foil Thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.08mm

(Customised Specifications Available on Request)

Top Coil AA 3003, AA 5005 H16, H24
Honeycomb Core AA 3003 H16

(Customised Available on Request)

Top Coil Thickness - C1 1mm, 0.7mm
Bottom Coil Thickness - C2 1mm, 0.7mm
Panel Width 1220mm
Panel Length 2440mm, 3050mm, 3660mm
Panel Thickness - T 12mm 25mm
Weight(kg/m2) 4 4.5

(Customised Thicknesses Available on Request)

Benefits of AHP

Fuel, oxygen, and heat is the deadly trio which leads to the ignition of fire. The best way to prevent the fire is to break just one element out of the three. EUROBOND AHP does just that by eliminating the fuel and replacing combustible LDPE core with non-combustible Aluminum Honeycomb Core. Thus, preventing the spread of fire.

Facilitates Safer Evacuations
Prevents Loss of Life
Prevents Loss of Property
No Toxic Smoke
No Flaming Droplets
Non Combustible

EUROBOND Honeycomb Panels are a high-strength, lightweight material that provide efficient mechanical performance. Because of their lightweight properties, Honeycomb Panels are ideal for Kinetic facades.

The use of Honeycomb Core creates a dramatic increase in stiffness of the material overall. This happens because the honeycomb formation provides support to the skins. Since the panels are light due to the honeycomb shaped hollow spaces in the core, the installation systems need not be as heavy as they would be in case of regular ACPs.EUROBOND Honeycomb Panels provide a flat, stiff, stable structure for use in buildings. It enhances the look by providing a desirable effect of metal, marble, wood, stone, and many such other decorative surfaces.

Aluminum alloy 3003 is a strong alloy with very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and very good cold formability. It has better mechanical properties, especially at elevated temperatures. Also the truth is, Aluminum is more valuable than any other recyclable material. It takes 95% less energy to recycle and can be recycled over and over. A simple re-melting process which is far less expensive than other recycling methods can bring back the original material. At EUROBOND, our constant efforts to follow eco-friendly practices helps us come up with solutions that are sustainable and go towards caring for nature. Available in AA 5000 series on request.

The Honeycomb Core provides superior sound insulation. Its core structure has honeycombed shaped gaps. This makes it difficult for sound and heat to seamlessly travel through. Making these panels ideal for office buildings, corporate houses, hospitals, schools and colleges, airports and other such public areas where sound can otherwise be an issue.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The PVDF coating on these Honeycomb ACP Panels make them weatherproof, UV resistant, waterproof and dust-proof. The fact that it just needs a once-in-a-year cleaning with water, or a mild solution makes it practically zero maintenance.

Processing Methods


Making Slot

Driling Holes

Use Back Bolt to Join

Press Edge into Shape

Edge Rounding

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