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EUROBOND A2 ACP sheets are composed of best in class materials with minimum 90% mineral core sandwiched between two aluminium skins of alloy 3003/5005 with kynar 500 PVDF/FEVE lacquered Surface on the front and service coated on the rear.

The FR mineral core of EUROBOND ACP is made of special grade MDH and ATH compounds which are the most Reliable Halogen-Free (HF) compounds, meaning they emit non-toxic harmless vapour upon forced burning, exhibit best flame self-extinguishing behaviour and are active smoke suppressants. EURBOND A2 ACP sheets don't contribute to the spread of fire at all in the event of a fire accident.

EUROBOND FR A2 sheets confirm as per EN 13501-1 as Class A2 - s1 d0 rating and they have been tested and certified by Exova Warringtonfire, UK Laboratories, China.

EUROBOND A2 ACP sheets satisfy almost all the building and construction codes worldwide including application in fields such as railways, transportation, wind energy, defence, etc.


Eurobond FR Plus (Class B) Aluminium Composite Panels secure your buildings with superior performance and fire retardance in and economical budget, thanks to its new generation Mineral Core Filling.

The FR core material contains 70% advanced mineral compounds which are best in restraining the flammability of the minor polymeric content and restrict the flame propagation and smoke generation.

EUROBOND FR Plus is also composed of two Aluminium skins (Alloy 3003/5005), front skin coated with advanced PVDF/FEVE coating system and rear with a wash coat to provide the highest life to the panel. The front skin being PVDF/FEVE coated provides excellent colour retention, gloss retention, UV stability, Weathering resistance and pollution resistance for more them a decade with negligible periodic maintenance.

EUROBOND FR PLUS sheets confirm as per EN 13501-1 as Class B - s1 d0 rating, and they have been tested and certified by Exova Warringtonfire, UK. EUROBOND FR Plus has a 3 Hour Fire rating for ASTM E 119, and it has been tested by Thomas Bell Wright, Dubai.


Eurobond Aluminium Core Composite Panel (ACCP) is visually the same as traditional ACP, What makes it different is the innovation in the core technology, replacing combustible core of ACP with non-combustible Pure Aluminium Core.

EUROBOND ACCP, along with A2 class fire retardance, offers the best strength to weight ratio among the three Classes and gives a better edge the application. ACCP has been developed over time because of the drawbacks of the conventional FR ACP due to their heavyweight resulting in more load on the Building. The solution Eurobond ACCP, being much stronger than the mineral core FR ACP though it is lighter in unit weight.

EUROBOND ACCP sheets are as formable and construction friendly as regular ACP and are also completely recyclable making them an eco friendly option.

Eurobond ACCP sheets confirms as per EN 13501-1 as Class A2 - s1 d0.

Eurobond ACCP sheets are incombustible, very light in weight aiding more and more applications especially in high rise building and constructions.

ACCP Technical Advantages:
  • Lightest Weight, Highest Strength
  • Relieves Load on Building
  • A2 Grade Fire Retardant (Non- Combustible)
  • As Formable as ACP
  • Wind Pressure Resistance
  • Satisfies Stringent Building Codes
  • Least Cost of Installation
  • Completely Recyclable


Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a sandwich panel with honeycomb structure as its core, which is inspired by the natural hexagonal honeycomb. This unique structure makes the panel lightweight compared to other materials of the same volume. It also enhances stiffness and stability.

The fact that these panels are completely recyclable make them environment-friendly. And their fire-retardant properties make them the safer choice. With the best quality-control procedures which involve testing through advanced equipment, we are able to add to the trust that our customers place in us by offering a 15-year warranty on our Honeycomb Panels.