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Why choose Eurobond Fr ACps?

Fire safety is a great concern in India. The need of the hour is to use building materials that are designed to fight fire and avert major casualties. Here are few reasons that make Eurobond FR retardant ACP’s, the ideal choice for interior and exterior applications.



While the pure aluminium core in ACCP leaves no room for combustion, the mineral core composition of A2 and FR Plus ACPs with self-extinguishing properties make way for protection in event of a fire.


Low toxic smoke

On contact with fire, the mineral core of A2 and FR Plus ACPs release a small dose of water, thereby emitting non-toxic smoke and harmless water vapour. ACCP being non-combustible, emits no toxic fumes, making it ideal for high-rise constructions.


Safer Evacuations

In case of fire accidents, smoke & fire prove to be major hindrance, making evacuations difficult. Eurobond Fire Retardant Panels prevent the spread and intensity of the fire, facilitating safer evacuations. Moreover, it doesn't let the facade fall apart, causing no or less damage to property.


Superior strength

The strength of Eurobond FR ACP lies in the architectural 3003/5005 alloy, which offers high impact and scratch resistance, making them favourable for a variety of applications, especially during high-rise constructions.


Everlasting Finish

The secret behind the everlasting beauty of Eurobond FR ACPs is out. It's the PVDF/FEVE coating, that adds a great finish to the top skin of the panel, making it vibrant and colourful. It is also responsible for making them UV resistant, protecting them of fading and ensuring excellent gloss retention.


Tested and Certified

Tried & Tested by reputed laboratories like Exova, Thomas Bell wright, ARAI, CPRI and Shriram, Eurobond FR ACPs are designed to rise above expectations. Eurobond FR Plus have been certified by Exova for EN 13501 standards, adhering to B s1 d0 rating.


3 hours fire rating

Eurobond FR Plus has a 3 hour Fire rating, as per ASTM E 119 Fire test and Standard Hose Stream Test of Building Construction and Materials. This has been tested at the reputed Thomas Bell Wright Laboratory in Dubai.



We provide 7 year's and 10 year's warranty, thus adding to your trust and confidence in our brand.


Innovative core

What empowers A2 and FR Plus ACPs with self-extinguishing property is the core that consist of minerals like Aluminium Trihydroxide & Magnesium Dihydroxide, No wonder, they turn water into vapour, leading to release of non-toxic smoke, on contact with fire. Despite being 50% lighter than other FR ACPs, ACPs offer the highest strength to weight ratio, making them construction friendly at all times.